Automatic sanitizer dispenser 500 ml

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Table top automatic sanitizer dispenser

* A fully automated table top sanitizer dispenser with built-in infrared smart sensor technology to facilitate
touch-free and safe operation.

* It is highly efficient to avoid the spreading of harmful viruses and moisturizers to its touch-free facility.

*It has a reliable smart technology to avoid wastage of the sanitizer and does not create a mess.

* It is also featured with a convenient adjustable level, making it an ideal product for moisturizers, fluid,
cleansers, lotions and many more.

* Has a capacity of 300 ml.

*Easy and very convenient to use with zero wastage.

* Avoid the use of sanitizers or soaps with exfoliates or beads.
* Use a damp cloth to clean it. Do not submerge it in water.

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